Mujer pasó de ser vegana a cazadora aficionada y ahora muestra sus "triunfos" en redes

La joven pasó de defender a los animales, a no sentir ningún tipo de remordimiento al matarlos y comerlos


Decidió dejar de ser vegana para tomar su escopeta y salir a cazar. Mujer pasó de ser vegana a cazadora aficionada y ahora muestra sus "triunfos" en redes.

La historia de Rachel Carrie está recorriendo al mundo, tras años siendo vegana, pasó a cazar su propia comida.

La mujer argumenta que tomó esta decisión luego de ver a unos halcones y otras aves que capturaban su presa de forma natural. Por este motivo Carrie pasó de defender a los animales a no sentir ningún tipo de remordimiento al matarlos y comerlos.

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Teach kids where food comes from… newsflash : it’s not cellophane wrapped styrofoam trays. Teach them what they’re eating : it wasn’t always just neatly packed and pink and it probably didn’t really resemble Pricilla the happy pig skipping through the meadow like the packaging would have you believe. Take back the responsibility yourself and stop living the food lie. Support responsible farmers, support British farms, high welfare standards, stop supporting cheaply and intensively produced meat and imported meats, Im lucky and made the decision to eat only animals I’d hunted myself, I’ve even started ordering vegetarian dishes when possible when I eat out. I can’t ignore it anymore and I’ve been guilty of forgetting to grab some pheasant out of the freezer and grabbing a pack of chicken from the supermarket, it just doesn’t taste the same and I just can’t and won’t support cruelty. Im so happy I’m able to hunt and bring home all of my own meat, and understand not everyone can do this, but everyone can make better and more ethical choices where food is concerned and consumer choices in general. . . . #friendsandfood #animalwelfare #kindness #meateater #food #foodorigins #supportBritishfarms #hunting

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Rachel ahora utiliza su cuenta de Instagram para publicar las fotos de los animales que caza a diario.

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I am very proud of the fact that every bit of meat in my family freezer is hunted by me. The animal killed humanely by me, in its natural environment, free of fear, free of unnatural crowded conditions, it’s not an object, not a product, not a number. The care, responsibility and pride involved in sourcing meat for my family far outweighs that of someone simply taking a trip to the supermarket – when I receive ignorant and abusive comments on my hunting photos, they mean nothing to me, they do not offend me, they do not hurt my feelings. I’m knowledgable, educated, content, happy and proud of who I am, my choices, Are you? 🍃🦌🍽🥩 . . . #hunting #meateater #carnivore #venison #Food #foodie #myway #ethical #groceries #nature #deerhunting #deerstalking #whitetail #roedeer #outdoorlife #outdoors #pewpew #antihate #realtree #advocate #fieldtofork #protein #eathealthy #healthfood #lowfat

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"Estoy tan feliz de poder cazar y llevar a casa carne propia, sé que no todos pueden cazar, pero todos podemos tomar decisiones mejores y más éticas respecto a la comida", argumentó la mujer para el diario The Sun.

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